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A Store With a Purpose



StreetX provides an online platform for small businesses in India and America who have been negatively impacted by Covid-19 to market their goods to a larger audience. StreetX will also use collected donations to support NGOs that in turn fund struggling small businesses and equip the underprivileged with the skills they need to start their own business.



The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a cause of struggle for many, and Indian small businesses are no exception. In a matter of days, their main source of marketing, face-to-face interaction, became obsolete, and they weren’t prepared to transfer to fully online marketing. We aim to not only help Indian small businesses start online marketing so they can keep operations running despite the pandemic, but also to increase the range of consumers they can market to. We want to give them the tools to come out of the pandemic thriving.




We hope to aid financially struggling small businesses in India during the Covid-19 pandemic by building an online platform for them to sell their products. We will also use donations to to support trustworthy NGOs that will in turn fund struggling small businesses and support other worthy causes. Learn more about the organizations and causes we support on our Donate page.

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