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Why We Created StreetX


Authentic, High-Quality Products

Indian small businesses form the backbone of the country's still-developing economy. These street shops and small markets offer a variety of authentic, high-quality products from hand-made crafts and jewelry to clothes and house decorations. These brick and mortar stores often rely entirely on word of mouth advertising and traditional retail sales instead of modern digital marketing and e-commerce. Because of this, many people are unaware of the variety of goods available at these stores. This is also a big disadvantage for Indian small business owners who often live from hand-to-mouth.

Tribal Slippers


The Impact of Covid-19

The economic and social disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to unprecedented challenges for small businesses all around the world. While many affluent small business owners can leverage websites like Amazon or other e-commerce platforms to stay afloat, Indian small business owners often do not have this ability due to the technological disparity present in India. They are not able to leverage technology to effectively advertise and sell their products to most potential customers. As a result, many are forced to go out of business and lose the one source of income that sustains their entire family.


StreetX hopes to help these Indian small business owners reach new, larger audiences by providing an online store for them to market and sell their products free of cost. We will facilitate the online marketing of their products by helping them advertise and sell to new demographics here in the United States. We will also sell other traditional Indian products from different sources, and all proceeds will go directly back to Indian small businesses in the form of raw materials, protective equipment, and donations to various NGOs. Our sole intention in forming this nonprofit is to help out during this difficult pandemic.

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